Looking for a residential elevator company in Oregon that offers complete elevator services for your home? Look no further than AVS Elevator, a local family-owned business whose success story in the elevator industry began in the early 1950s. We can make your home easier and safer to navigate. Our many decades of trustworthy service to the City of Portland and local communities around the state inform all our residential elevator services. We offer comprehensive elevator services that include everything from wheelchair lift installations and repairs to upgrades and custom accessibility options.

Residential Elevator Installations

AVS Elevator offers reliable elevator system installations that you can count on for many years of dependable service in your home. Our team takes pride in our ability to handle the installation process with the highest levels of quality and craftsmanship. We source our elevator systems from the Inclinator Company of America— located in Pennsylvania, they offer the best in quality and durability. We offer both roped hydraulic systems as well as cable drive systems.

Residential Elevator Repair and Maintenance

At AVS Elevator, we understand the importance of keeping your lift system in operation for as long as possible to avoid unnecessary costs. That’s why we offer comprehensive residential elevator repair and maintenance services that provide timeliness, expertise, safety, and mobility for your home—all while saving on cost. We will respond to your call in the shortest amount of time possible so that we can fix the problem and make your home fully mobile again.

Customized Accessibility Options

Our team focuses on being able to provide a wide range of mobility options for our residential clients. Not being able to move as freely in your home as you’d like is frustrating and stressful. With AVS Elevator, you can easily navigate your home thanks to our safe and easy to use residential elevators, stairlifts, indoor/outdoor chairlifts, dumbwaiters, and more!

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