The mobility of scooters and wheelchairs is not only challenging for those who must use them, it also puts any commercial building that doesn’t have a chairlift in bad light. To ensure that you are within the limits of the law, it is imperative that you get an ADA wheelchair lift for your commercial building.

This way, the wheelchair accessibility of the property will not only be in compliance with state regulations, but it will also boost your productivity in terms of the employees and visitors who will now be able to get in and go out as they please without unnecessary inconvenience.

When you choose AVS Elevators, you will be able to get the commercial chairlifts that your building sorely needs. This way, you will no longer have any concerns about compliance, and it will be a great benefit to people on scooters and wheelchairs who need to get into your building.


The chairlifts that AVS Elevators install in commercial buildings are among the safest in the industry – both for the wheelchair and for the passenger. Most of them are designed in such a way that they can lift chairs and scooters (as well as the occupant) and move them up from one level to another in relative comfort.

Our chairlifts are also designed for commercial applications. This is especially when you consider just how versatile they are. Therefore, whether you are looking for stylish chairlifts for your multi-level art gallery, or you need something simpler and more practical for your office building, you can be sure that we have it in stock.

We can even go the extra mile and get your chairlift customized so that they match the interior theme and brand image of your office – thereby ensuring that it seamlessly blends in with the professional space it will be installed inside.


The chairlifts supplied and installed by AVS Elevators operate using hydraulic lift systems. The mechanism is designed in such a way that it will move effortlessly from one level to the next.

Our all-in-one units are so effective that you won’t need to create space for any additional machine. In some spaces and buildings, we even install outdoor chairlifts thereby improving the accessibility of these spaces.


So, why do you need to invest in these chairlifts? What is going to happen when you get them? When most commercial property owners and business people consider the various uses of a chairlift, they tend to only think about the obvious applications of the wheelchair.

However, AVS Elevators can inform you that there are many other benefits that come with having us install an ADA wheelchair lift for your commercial building. Consider the following:

a) Ease and Comfort

For starters, if your office has an entry with stairs going up to the main level, chances are that people on wheelchairs, walking assistants, and scooters will require help getting in. With a chairlift, this problem is solved and mobility becomes both easy and comfortable for everyone.

b) Customization

As with every other product we carry, install, repair, and maintain, our commercial chairlifts are highly versatile in terms of design. This means that we will be able to customize your chairlift so well that it will look like part and parcel of your space and brand.

From warm and rich to modern and sleek, AVS Elevators can tailor the chairlifts we install in your business premises to meet every taste and functionality possible. We can even help you choose the right chairlift for your commercial building or business.

c) Operation

The operation of the commercial chairlifts installed by AVS Elevators is not only smooth, but it is also quiet. Since the chairlift will be in operation within a busy, professional environment, silence and smooth sounds are necessary. All of these are taken care of by the chairlift – which works easily and quietly right from when it is started to when it comes to a stop.

d) Installation

As the leading installer of these chairlifts, we have perfected our art. This means that when you call in AVS Elevators to get the chairlifts into your commercial building, you can be sure that we will do so in the least invasive way to your property.


There are many other features and benefits that you stand to gain from when you get commercial chairlifts from us. To find out more, to schedule a free consultation, or to get your building inspected, please give us a call today at 503-876-3696. The experts at AVS Elevators look forward to making your building wheelchair accessible.


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