Although most commercial buildings now have elevators, few of them consider the need to take good care of these relatively-expensive machines. As a result, the elevators tend to fall into a state of disrepair at times forcing the building’s owner to get a new system installed altogether.

At AVS Elevator, we would like to protect you by delaying the installation of a new lift system in your business for as long as possible. We do this by providing the most proprietary commercial elevator maintenance services for our business clients.

As an added value, we do not charge extra for 24/7 elevator emergency phone monitoring when included with our preventative maintenance service plans.

For the longest time now, we have been providing professional-grade commercial elevator repair, servicing, and maintenance to business and commercial customers. Our services, while priced extremely competitively, far exceed the standards set in the industry – which is why so many companies have come to rely so heavily on us.

During our time in the industry, we have developed and fine-tuned our skills, expertise, and knowledge. This means that when you call AVS Elevator, you can be sure that you will be getting the best of the best where commercial elevators are concerned. By the time we are done with every session, your commercial mobility assistance equipment and elevator systems will be left operating at their peak, all the while improving the safety of everyone in the building.

One machinist worker at work adjusting elevator mechanism of lift with spanner


So, what does AVS Elevator have in store for you? Why are we the top choice for anyone looking for commercial elevator maintenance services? Consider the following:

a) Time

We are very time-conscious. When you call us in, therefore, you can be sure that we will be there in the shortest time. Further, on signing a contract with us, you will notice that we include the times we will be checking in and checking out of the building – and later realize that we stick to these time limits like clockwork.

b) Savings

Although we are the leading service provider where elevators and other modes of mobility assistance in the commercial field are concerned, our prices don’t reflect this. In fact, we might be the most affordable commercial elevator maintenance and repair company in the area – when you think about the quality of output our clients constantly receive and have come to expect.

What is more, we will take such good care of your lift system that you’ll only decide to upgrade when you have some extra money and just want a change in the elevators running up and down your building – and not when you are forced to install new ones because the old ones are dysfunctional. Talk about money savings!

c) Expertise

Nothing quite beats expert assistance in any facet of life. Our expertise where elevators and lifts are concerned is second to none. We work with leaders in the industry to keep our knowledge polished, and our technicians at the top of their game.

This means that when you choose AVS Elevator to take care of your building, you will be getting the crème de la crème in our trade. We know what is required in terms of oiling the system, checking for any issues and dealing with them, replacing parts when and as required, and so much more.

Our expertise also means that you will always ensure that downtime and breakdowns are at a bare minimal. This way, the productivity of the people working in your commercial building will be boosted, the businesses renting space in there will look good and in excellent hands, and everyone will not have to worry that the lifts are not working as they ought to.

d) Safety and Mobility

At AVS Elevator, our main focus isn’t style and design (although these two play an important role in the grander scheme of things). We are here to ensure that the safety of everyone in the building is well taken care of.

Further, we improve mobility in the buildings we work in through our excellent commercial elevator repair services. By so doing, we will ensure that everyone is able to move in and out, up and down, and anyhow in the building through the properly functioning lift system.

Over and above everything else, we will work tirelessly and smartly to make that rather-pricey investment (your commercial elevators) last well into the future.


To learn more about our commercial elevator maintenance, service, and repair, please get in touch today. Call AVS Elevator any time night or day – 503-876-3696.


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