Commercial Elevator Installations

From high rise packages to large office buildings and houses of worship, AVS Elevator provides exceptional installation services. We work with all of the leading manufacturers of elevator systems to specifically ensure that your needs are perfectly met.

With the wide range of commercial elevators in our stock, you can be sure that you will be completely satisfied with your finished elevator project. We have the experience to ensure that we engineer a design to meet every specific need and requirement – in terms of cost, interior design décor theme, mobility options, and size.

When you count on AVS Elevator, therefore, you can be sure that our trouble-free installations will not only enhance your property, it will also make it integral and in keeping with set laws and precepts.

  • NOAA logo
    Frank, Dan Jones of Oregon Building Codes Division was on site today for unannounced elevator inspection.  All OK and passed.  Thanks for continued great service!
    Rick Fuller, Facilities Manager
  • rice northwest museum logo
    Thank you, Frank We are all very pleased with your professionalism, customer service and knowledge.
  • inclinator logo
    I have had the pleasure of working with Frank Stalen and his company over the last 3 years. Frank has installed and serviced elevators in the Greater Portland area for over 25 years. Inclinator is very excited to have such a knowledgeable dealer on our team. Over the past 3 years I have found Advanced Vertical Solutions and Frank Stalen to be extremely competent and trust worthy in the industry.
    Cindy Bernardo, Regional Sales Manager
    Inclinator Company of America
  • RT associates logo
    Best of luck to you at AVS Elevator - you have dealt with the issues well and to me, that is the critical element in creating long term, win-win relationships.
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    Hi Frank, Thank you for stopping in. I will take you up on your offer to help guide me thru the permit renewal process. I looked on the e-Permitting website and notice Tualatin licenses thru WA county and does not have an e-Permit program. I didn’t want to initially inquire about the process, since we haven’t had any PMs and need one to pass their inspection. In perusing the sites, I haven’t found a renewal application. Thank you for assisting with pointing me in the right direction, I greatly appreciate it. I have also been very impressed with your companies interest and site visits taking a more in-depth look at the elevator than others. That’s very positive to me. Thanks again for coming out.    
    Alan, IS Manager
  • Kirby Nagelhout construction logo
    “AVS Elevator was immeasurably helpful to KNCC in the coordination and installation of a material lift for our client in Central Oregon! Frank Stalen’s knowledge of code and compliance is vast, and his willingness to help us understand the mechanics behind the machines he specializes in exceeded our highest expectations. Calm and cool through the typical challenges of this line of work, Frank and Rich were assets to our team and we appreciate all that AVS Elevator’s has done, not only for KNCC, but for our client.  
    Elizabeth, Asst. Project Manager
    Kirby Nagelhout Construction Company
  • After calling just about every Elevator Company in town about this job, you have been the only one to help us get this lift back up and running, so that is impressive in itself. The store was happy with the work done also. I personally appreciate your quick response to my phone calls & emails & keeping us updated on your site visits, estimates and work done. Communication is a vital part of what we do with managing jobs & keeping our client updated, so when we find companies that value that also it makes our job so much easier. I have been very happy with your elevator company and look forward to working with you further.
    Chelsea D.
    Glab Maintenance Services
  • Dennis Guisto photo
    Frank, I just wanted you to know how much I appreciate the effort and time you and your team provided us in the urgent elevator repair we had. The service you provided us was well beyond any service I have ever experienced from any Elevator Company. This all beginning with the first call to your company. I see us working together more in the near future. It is great to work with an Elevator Company that not only provides excellent elevatror service but understands the customers needs. Thank you again.
    Dennis Giusto, Area Maintenance Director
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    Excellent Customer Service!  This will be our third year using AVS Elevator Service.  A couple of years ago we were frantically trying to locate a company to repair our wheelchair lift.  (The previous company was no longer in business.)  Thankfully we found AVS Elevator.  Both Frank and Dennis came out the same day, located the problem immediately and made the repairs. We were back in business!  Their promptness, courtesy and knowledge are also a plus.
    Vinson Properties LLC

Why Get a Commercial Elevator?

There are a thousand and one reasons why we get called in to perform commercial elevator installations. Whether the project is taken on as a simple necessity, or the building’s owner is looking for opulent luxury, AVS Elevator always measures up and provides the best options for everyone.

What is more, we do this through the latest technologies in cable electric and hydraulic lift systems. Working with the leading manufacturer of elevators, you can be sure that we have something new, fresh, unique, and undeniably stylish and elegant for you.

Our attention to detail, our expertise, and the knowledge and experience we have garnered over the years means that we can help you pick the right elevator for your building, budget, and sense of taste and style.

Understanding Commercial Elevators

Apart from installing and servicing different types of commercial lifts and elevators, we also have a good working relationship with one of the leading manufacturers of these systems. We are also specialized in the installation of limit access elevators to bridge the gap between the vertical platform elevator and the commercial full passenger lift.

Our commercial elevator installation service also includes:

  • Hydraulic Elevators
  • Traction Elevators
  • Accessibility Lifts
  • Dumbwaiters

Why Choose Us?

That said, there are a number of companies out there offering commercial elevator installations. Why should you choose us? What more can we offer that you won’t find out there? Consider the following reasons given by our clients for choosing us:

a) Affordability

A commercial elevator is no mean expense. It comes with additional costs that you might not have foreseen when the decision was made to get the purchase of the lift system to sail through.

At AVS Elevator, we completely understand this. To make things a bit easier for you, therefore, we charge affordable fees for our installation service. By so doing, we allow our clients to continue operating optimally even as visitors, employees, guests, and associates are protected in their movement from one level to another.

b) Experience

Every technician working at AVS Elevator has been in the industry long enough to know the qualifications required, how to acquire these qualifications, and the vitality of improving their understanding of lift systems.

Combined, therefore, their level of experience with elevators is unmatched. They have been working on these machines for the longest time, meaning that there is hardly ever anything new or too challenging for them with it comes to installing elevators in commercial properties.

c) Affinity

We are also affiliated with the leading manufacturer of commercial elevators. By so doing, we work with different lift systems, checking the benefits of each and so on. Further, we get amazing discounts on these elevators – which is why the benefits eventually pass on to you in terms of affordability.

d) Professionalism

While shopping for the right lift system for your business, you need to interact with technicians who are professional in their approach to commercial elevator installation. This is what we provide for everyone who chooses AVS Elevator to take care of installing an elevator.

Our level of professionalism means that we will always remain communicative, honest, and open about every product we install. We will also schedule a free consultation for you to help you pick the right kind of lift for your business.

The courtesy of our technicians and office staff all goes to show why we continue ranking among the leading companies in the area that actually takes the time of day to take good care of our clients – knowing that their safety, security, mobility, and increased access all depends on how professional we install commercial elevators.

Our Suppliers

At AVS, we partner with the most respected and high-quality manufacturers to provide the greatest value and performance for our clients. 

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To take advantage of our commercial elevator installation or to schedule a free appointment, please get in touch with AVS Elevator today by calling us on 503-876-3696.