Salem Elevator Services

AVS Elevator aims to improve the safety and mobility of Salem residents as well as those across the state of Oregon. Beginning in the early 1950s, our company has evolved to become the best provider of elevator services in Salem. Our range of expertise covers everything from commercial installations and inspections to residential lift system upgrades and maintenance. Whether you’re looking for Salem elevator services for the home or your commercial building, you’ve come to the right local family-owned company with AVS Elevator.

Commercial Salem Elevator Services

Various local establishments and commercial building owners have relied on AVS Elevator to deliver the best material lifts and elevator systems that are dependable and will last for many years to come. We provide a variety of customized elevator solutions so that we can increase the safety, mobility, and convenience of your commercial building.


Our team of professional technicians has had many decades to hone our expertise in installing commercial elevator systems in Salem. Whether you need a new material elevator for your storage facility, a commercial dumbwaiter system, or a cable drive elevator system, you can rely on the team at AVS Elevators to get it done right.

Repairs and Maintenance

AVS Elevator has spent decades investing in our own knowledge and level of expertise across any situation. Through timely, effective repairs and maintenance schedules, you can count on our dedicated team to ensure your commercial elevator system runs smoothly well into the future.

Residential Salem Elevator Services

The AVS Elevator team is proud to provide many different residential elevator services to Salem. We offer the best way to bring modern mobility into your own home without breaking the budget. Whether you are looking for a new wheelchair lift or an upgrade to an existing system, we offer the most cost-effective options for residential elevator systems.