AVS Elevator has been in the industry so long that our experience, expertise, and enthusiasm for elevators and lift systems are second to none. Through our proprietary elevator maintenance, service, and repair operations, we will ensure that your lifts, elevators, and any other type of mobility equipment continue working properly.

Whether you are looking for your stairlift to be maintained, your elevator serviced, or the entire system repaired, you can always count on us to deliver over and beyond your expectations.

We provide regularly-scheduled maintenance and service to ensure that your elevator system is always in good working condition. However, if you haven’t been taking the best care of the system, you can always count on us to help you repair it.

Additionally, we can also place orders for the special parts that are needed to keep the mobile system in good working condition. More particularly, the technicians at AVS Elevator will ensure that everything is okay so your mobility isn’t curtailed or made difficult/dangerous.

About Us

Apart from our experience in the industry, AVS Elevator also hires technicians who are fully insured, bonded, and licensed. These trained journeymen are also union- and state-certified. By only hiring these experts to join our professional team, we always ensure that you are in good hands every time we send a team over to you for elevator maintenance, service and repair.

What is more, our phone lines are always open in case you need emergency repairs off regular business hours. Therefore, you can be sure that the call you place to 503-876-3696 will always be picked be it at 3 am at night or at 2 pm on a Sunday afternoon.

Regular Elevator Maintenance and Service

Like all other types of high quality machines with complex moving parts, the residential mobility equipment you got installed requires regularly-scheduled servicing and maintenance. This is the only way you’ll be able to keep the system running safely, efficiently, and effectively.

This is why we urge all our clients – and anyone else with a home elevator or stairlift – to get the necessary service. Only by so doing will you be able to keep the system at its peak operating condition.

Apart from tightening the cables, cleaning and greasing the tracks, and periodically monitoring and updating the computer and electronic systems, AVS Elevator will also check the elevator or stairlift to ensure that there are no issues that could prove problematic.

Emergency Elevator Repair Services

If the mobility equipment has stopped working, has broken down, or is no longer operating as it should, we advice that you give us a call immediately. Our emergency lift and elevator repair services are designed to correct any issues with dumbwaiters, chairlifts, stairlifts, and elevators in the entire state and beyond.

To make this promise true, we are open 24 hours so that anyone who calls can easily reach us and get the service they need. We always pick your calls and send out technicians over to your home so that they can examine and fix the elevator system until it goes back to normal.

Why Choose Us?

So, why should you go to AVS Elevator when you are in need of professional elevator maintenance, service, and repair? What extras do we provide that you won’t get with any other elevator service provider in the local industry?

Consider the following benefits that come with regularly scheduling maintenance services for your system:

  • Our service will ensure that the equipment continues operating quietly and properly
  • Our service will reduce the risk of liability for those times you have visitors or guests using the equipment
  • Our technicians will fix the system to reduce the chances of operational interruptions and break downs
  • Through regular maintenance, your equipment will last longer than it otherwise would have
  • We will ensure that safety of the rider and their families when the equipment is in use
  • We will keep the equipment moving and running smoothly
  • We will maintain the energy efficiency of the system to further the cost of operating it

You already invested in that complex machine for your house. Keep the investment in good working condition through our affordable elevator maintenance, service, and repair. Give us a call today to make this happen.


To learn more about our elevator maintenance, service, and repair offering, please get in touch with AVS Elevator today by giving us a call through 503-876-3696. We look forward to taking care of your home mobility equipment so you can continue enjoying your freedom and enjoyment.